Pet deshedding glove

This glove is great and you will love it for your babies, it let’s  you comb them and love them all at the same time. You just slip it onto your hand and comb your babies, the fur is easy to remove and you will have no issues with your babies hating it since it doesn’t hurt them. I use it on my cats as well as my dog. My cats are all Manx, so they have the pretty long hair.I have had several brushes like this one and it outranks them all for sure. You can get your own here:


Ozeri tower fan

This fan is great, from the moment you take it out of the box all the way through assembling it and getting it turned on screams quality. The base snaps together and then you have 2 small bolts in that you just hand tighten so no tools needed whatsoever. Now when you plug the fan in you have lots of options on how you want the fan to run. It can be continious, high, med, low, oscillating. Tells you the temperature of the room it’s in. It has an amazing remote that sets down inside of the top of the lid to where you always know where it is. This fan is 42″ from the floor to the top of the fan. It blows a very strong breeze, when I first turned mine on for about 10 minutes there was an odor but it went away very quickly and has not been back, I’m sure it was just from production but wanted to mention in case anyone else had the same thing. I received this product for free for my honest opinion, all views expressed are my own.

Relaxorary essential oils floral fragrance

Fragrance Oils serve different purpose and not to be compared to essential oils, not even if they are 80% essential oil 20% fragrance oil. The health benefit is gone the minute synthetic ingredients are introduced. However, with that said, these smell lovely and that is exactly why i bought them! For the smell, not to treat myself or my family. These oils are wonderful and they smell amazing, I love how easy they are to use. I put my oils into a spray bottle with a little bit of water and spritz them into the air.

I received this item for a reduced promotional cost for my honest opinion, all views expressed are my own.


Kalawalk animal story design socks for women

These socks are too cute to wear to me but I do wear them. I have just recently had surgery and am still taking chemotherapy and with these socks they are thin to where I can get them on easily but there warm. It honestly feels like I have a pair of wool socks on when I’m wearing them. I wear crocs all the time and the girls at chemo are always checking out my socks. These socks have been getting a lot of wash and wear activity and have had no issues with them, they come in a handy bag if you want to store them for the summer months and know right where they are at the first sign of cool.

Get your own set here for your personal use

I received this item for a reduced promotional cost for my honest opinion, all views expressed are my own.

Chef Remi kitchen shears

As with all Chef Remi items these definitely don’t disappoint. These shears are very easy to hold, they are not heavy. They cut with grace and ease and they are dishwasher safe. So no fear if you cut meat or something with them of getting them really clean. They have an amazing invention in the handle that can crack a nut, a crab leg, open a jar. As I don’t have a crab legs opener I used the handle for that purpose and it done Amazing, you just have to be extremely careful not to let the scissors slip when using it for that purpose.

I received this item for a reduced promotional cost for my honest opinion, all views expressed are my own.

Get your own pair here:


Gelato Sugar Scrub

This body scrub is amazing. It arrives boxed very pretty for gifting. It has an amazing scent and is a very pretty pink color. When it first comes especially in the summer heat it may have a liquid type texture but it firms back up very nicely and is great. It comes with 2 little plastic spoon type things to scoop it out with. The body scrub makes your skin very soft and silky feeling. It will not only feel amazing on but it exfoliates your skin. I have psoriasis and am always looking for things like this that will help me day to day with it and this does just that. This comes to you with the ingredients of kakadu plum, organic Shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin c, who in this day and time can say honestly that they get enough vitamin c. I know I can’t. When you add water to this once you have it on your skin it becomes a lotion type cleanser that feels amazing. You will honestly feel and smell like a fruit for awhile. But it’s amazing. I wish I could teleport the tub through to you so you can see and feel the texture for yourself. If you find yourself giving this as a gift it will be perfect for just wrapping up and gifting.
I received this item for a reduced promotional cost for my honest opinion, all views expressed are my own.

Miren Bear Molds

Miren reusable bear shaped molds are wonderful. I started out my testing with making personal size cakes for my granddaughter and her friends, the molds were not sprayed and the cakes come out with no issues, they all was one piece with no sticking or no breaking. The 2ND thing we done to test them is make bear shaped jello for the little’s. They loved this just as well, to unmold the Jell-O I took a toothpick and ran around the outside of the Jell-O very carefully then turned them over and pushed down very lightly in the middle, the Jell-O came out with no issues. They looked like little bears just like the little cakes did. I can see using these for personal brownies or maybe even bear shaped muffins.
I received this item for a promotional cost for my honest opinion, all views expressed are my own.


Miren Stainless Steel Silverware Sets

This Miren stainless Steel silverware set is amazing. I love the fact that if you have a family member in the rehab, hospital, nursing home or anything like that you can get this silverware set and they can keep it right there bedside with them. It comes in a box that you can keep it in even when you have opened it and used it. The stainless Steel in this set ensures that you will not have to worry about rust. This silverware set is very sturdy feeling and will hold up very well for years to come. The box is a nice sleek black which could very easily be wrapped up for gift giving if your loved one or friends will need it over special dates.
I received this item for a full promotional cost for my honest opinion, all views expressed are my own


Yoga Balls

When I first got these yoga massage balls my foot was killing me. I have a shortened tendon in my foot and not much of anything gives me relief. These balls are the exception. I can lay them on the floor and roll my foot back and forth across it and can really feel the tension going away. I love them on my shoulders as well. I got a double whammy of having rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia so I am in constant pain. I can actually get some relief with these. I wish someone had told me along time ago that these would provide such relief.
I received this item for a full promotional cost. All opinions expressed are my own.

BOB Massager

This is marketed as a sexual toy and i am sure a lot of people use it for this, but i am going to give you an out of the box way to use this massager and maybe get people to realize these can go for more than one thing. I have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis and live in the south so we get lots of rain, humidity and clouds. All of them play havoc on someone with muscle/bone problems. I have pain constantly and not being the type that wants to depend on pain pills until absolutely necessary to keep walking i find other alternatives. I am a firm believer in using essential oils and massagers to relieve some of the pain tensity. With this massager i can run it on my shoulders, down my back, up my legs, across my arms, pretty much anywhere i am having pain, i can use this since it is on a longer handle. I get relief with this without having to press down or have any pressure behind the arms.
I received this item for a full promotional discount for my honest opinion. All views expressed are my own